Joel Timothy Wilson




Joel Timothy Wilson
PO Box 514 E125
Special Offender Center
Monroe Correctional Complex
Monroe, WA 98272


Permit me to introduce myself.


Dear Ladies of Forever Heaven,

My name is Joel Timothy Wilson.  This is a day of divine honor giving this written introduction to such Appropriate Visionary but let me further entertain your mind. 

I am of African American decent with the love of God heaven sent a true treasure of all that’s good and of your needed friend to lean on.

My religion on its purist are Traditional Baptist.  Of course also Methodist Faith that is fact not fiction.  I have two older children, four grandchildren, and my heart and mind they will always win.

I reside in Snohomish County Monroe.  You must also know its prison you know I’m in for sex charge but its validity is questionable not hard.  I have a release date of 2012 and you can check it out. 

These are things that due known for long time that my Honor for the opposite sex does not oppose either sex it falls in line with the same always.   I’m a lover of coffee, my favorite drink.  My favorite food steak and presume of course I enjoy Gourmet.

Food much more of course please do know also that I’m a lover of love.  I have strict programming usually ordinary programming is good the neatly although is I walk with them walking is my favorite. 

Close to my comfort & love coffee and tea, green tea of all it love coffee please know a cup is much enough I also enjoy the things of nature it is the reality and formality of existence.

I don’t call females mamas B or S or such. I show the same respect that I’d show my own relatives.  As well I have long been known as a martial artist. 

Of course its already known please also know that I love people but I don’t believe in dishonoring ones authority.  I like as hobbies, economics, religion, romance things.  Already do wish to connect with someone to share to know there are others who care although a relationship is what is there line of.  Faith I wish is a lasting communication and relationship of course even if its just friendly or love it. God Bless.

Yours sincerely with love, honor, and respect.

Joel T. Wilson